Founded on the 26th of November 2015, The Great People Foundation is a non-governmental organization birthed out of passion for financially crippled undergraduates who for some genuine reasons are no longer able to meet up with the financial demands of education. Hence are compelled to drop out and thereby deprived of equal opportunity to proper education. We also, bare within us the desire to accelerate development and stir up an ever-increasing thirst for moral values among youths. Knowing that they are the future of any given nation or society, we therefore believe that the intellectual, moral and economic development of our youths are pivotal to the advancement of our world.


Our Vision

To create a world of love, fulfilled dreams and selfless individuals who are not ashamed to make a change.




Our Mission

To curtail and possibly eliminate the epidemic of ‘drop out’ amongst educational undergraduates, speed up the process of self-fulfillment and foster the growth of selflessness amid the contemporary generation.


Our Values

  • Love
  • Selflessness
  • Truth

Your Partnership

This is so precious because we need you to help us put a stop to the unwholesome norm of students dropping out of schools. We believe that your act of benevolence is the greatest cure for these broken dreams. Therefore, we humbly implore you to partner with us today that we may be able to mend and materialize the academic aspirations of our youths.