Joshua Aluko

Ask not what your country can give to you; ask what you can give to your country. – John F. Kennedy

Joshua Aluko is a young and successful entrepreneur born and raised in Nigeria. While growing up, he expressed peculiar interest in the needs of Students around him and has always been passionate about giving them a better standard of living. During his second year in university, he decided to raise funds for two of his course-mates whose parents passed away due to terminal diseases while he personally funded one of them for the rest of their school year. By the time he was in his final year, he was so moved with compassion for the numerous numbers of students dropping out of school around him that he was inspired to create a solution to the problem and help rekindle the thirst of moral values and ethics among youths.

In 2015, he organized his first major program which focused on how to achieve unity and progress in Nigeria. This program witnessed the attendance of approximately 4,000 secondary school students with 100 teachers and school staffs. Since then, He has been involved in both planning and organizing of programs and projects that has helped indigents and orphans in his society. Joshua believes that love is the greatest force and agent of change and so his favorite quote which says;

“If you can love them, you can change them.”